GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards

GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards
GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards
GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards
GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards
GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards
GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards

GJCrafts Birthday Cake Cards

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This is a three-dimensional birthday foldable card. This card is suitable for giving to family, friends, and colleagues. The pattern cutting process of the card is very good, and every detail of the pattern is very clear, which makes the card very textured. Whether you prepare a card for people around you alone or want to give it out with other gifts, our cards will make the people who receive the card like them and know your intentions.

Addition information:

  • Brand Name: GJCrafts
  • Model: HGCLL03450000
  • Size: 5.91*5.12 inch
  • Quantity: 1 Pcs/Lot
  • Material: Paper
  • Type: Cards

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